Certification procedure of Quality Management Systems

Certification of Quality Systems for conformity with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 is carried out in accordance with the procedures specified in GOST R 55568-2013 «Certification procedure of quality management systems and environmental management systems».

For the QMS certification the Applicant shall forward to the Certification Body of Quality Management Systems an application letter prepared in arbitrary form or an Application (in accordance with Annex A to GOST R 55568-2013).

Application form in accordance with Annex А to GOST R 55568-2013

Main stages of QMS certification

Stage 1:

List of documents and information to be submitted by the auditee to the CB QMS (in accordance with Annex G to GOST R 55568-2013).

Stage 2:

Completion of certification: taking a decision on granting (in case of positive results) /non-granting of the QMS Certificate

Surveillance audit of the certified QMS (at least every year).

Re-certification audit of QMS (till the expiry of the Certificate).


Appeals procedure

1.1 In case of differences or claims about  the quality of  work of the audit committee which has performed the QMS certification, or complaints about the decisions of the CB QMS,  the interested party  can apply to the Board of Appeal formed in the CB QMS NANIO CCVE (hereinafter referred to as  CB QMS) composed of independent experts, who did not  participate in  the work relative to this Application.

The principle is implemented  that the persons involved in the appeals (complaints) handling process are not those who have participated  in the audits and taken decisions on certification. Each complaint/appeal is addressed by the CB QMS in an equitable, objective, unbiased and confidential manner.

In the process of complaint/appeal investigation the representatives of the CB QMS and the representative of the complainant/appellant  can be present.

The Board of Appeal operates as and when necessary.

The activity relative to the submission and examination of complaints/appeals and taking decisions  shall not be discriminatory with regards to the complainant/appellant.

A complaint/appeal shall include a description of causes of disagreement, a justification of the objection to the decision of the CB QMS  and the supporting documents.

A complaint/appeal shall be submitted in writing  by mail, fax or e-mail at the address of the CB QMS  not later than 30 calendar days from the date when the reason for  the complaint/appeal has arisen  or a decision has been adopted by the CB QMS with which  the complainant/appellant disagree.

1.2 The complaint/appeal  received by the CB QMS  is registered in Register No 5  by the person responsible for complaints/appeals records keeping and passed on  by this person to the Chairman of the Board of Appeal for review. Receipt of each complaint/appeal is acknowledged to the complainant/ appellant immediately  (by mail, phone or e-mail).

The composition of documents attached to the complaint/appeal is determined by the complainant/appellant  dependent on the nature of the disputable situation. The CB QMS may ask the complainant/appellant  for additional documents required to resolve  the disputed issue.

The Chair of the Board of Appeal appoints a commission for the investigation of the complaint/appeal  and sets  the timing of its  meetings.  This information is communicated to the the complainant/appellant .

The commission examines the complaint/appeal, reviews it to ascertain its validity and decides what actions are to be taken  with the consideration of  the results of examination of previous similar complaints/appeals. The commission shall investigate the complaint/appeal and carry out the analysis of the situation  that has emerged within 10 working days  from the moment of its registration.

If the  complaint/appeal  received is valid,  the CB QMS  takes the appropriate correction or  corrective actions: determines the reasons and takes measures to  remove the causes of nonconformity  including predetermined (or predisposing) causes  within the frame of the Quality Management System of the certification body.

The CB QMS  shall use the findings of the investigation performed to determine the corrective actions in order to

a)  restore as soon as possible the conformity to GOST ISO/IEC 17021;

b) avoid recurrence of such situations;

c) evaluate the effectiveness of corrective actions taken.

1.3 Based on the outcome of the complaint/appeal  investigation the Board of Appeal takes a decision which is signed by its Chair.  The decision which will be communicated to the complainant/appellant  shall be taken or reviewed by an individual (s)  not previously involved in the subject of this complaint/appeal.

All materials  concerning the complaint/appeal  after its investigation and adoption of a decision  are filed  in the respective folder and the complainant/appellant  is provided with progress reports and the outcome.

The Board of Appeal shall notify the concerned parties of the decision taken within not more than 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the  complaint/appeal.

If  no notice of objection is received  from the complainant/appellant within 30 calendar days from the date the decision was communicated to the complainant/appellant, the decision is considered as adopted.

In cases where a complainant/appellant  is dissatisfied with the decision of the Board of Appeal of the CB QMS,  the party concerned can address the issue  to the Register of Quality Systems with the Rosstandart of Russia where the complaints/appeals handling is performed in accordance with the procedures adopted by the Register.


Rights and obligations of Applicants in relation to the conformity assessment work

Cost of certification of QMS