Certification in the IECEx System

IECEx 02 IEC System for Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx System)IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme covering equipment for use in explosive atmospheres – Rules of Procedure

IECEx 02A Guidance for Applicants seeking IECEx Certification under the IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme, IECEx 02

ISO/IEC 80079-34:2011 Explosive atmospheres - Application of quality systems for electrical and non-electrical equipment

OD 005-2 IECEx Quality System Requirements for Manufacturers – Part 2: Audit Checklist

OD 009 IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme, Procedures for the Issuing of IECEx Certificates of Conformity, IECEx Test Reports and IECEx Quality Assessment Reports

OD 011-1 Guidance on Use of the IECEx Internet based “On-Line” Certificate of Conformity System Part 1: General Information

OD 017 V4 Drawing and documentation Guidance for IEC Ex Certification – for use by Manufacturers and ExTLS

OD 025 Guidelines on the Management of Assessment and Surveillance programs for the assessment of Manufacturer’s Quality System, in accordance with the IECEx Scheme

OD 034 Operational Document - Guidance on the preparation of IECEx Equipment Certificates and Reports covering more than one identifiable item of equipment

The applicant shall supply the documentation necessary to specify the explosion protection features of the Ex equipment and QMS documentation to prepare for issuing Quality assessment report (QAR) or examination of QAR.

The documentation shall also accurately identify the Ex equipment for which certification is required, the standard(s) to which certification is to be granted, and the manufacturer responsible for the conformity of production items with the design of the certified equipment.

The documents may include ExTRs and QARs issued by other ExCBs. The documentation shall be in English or accompanied by an English translation.

The documentation may be provided in paper form or electronic format. If electronic format is used, it shall be provided in a commonly used file format as determined by the ExMC, e.g. PDF or TIFF on a commonly used storage medium, e.g. CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or by any other data transfer technology.

The applicant shall supply such samples of the Ex equipment as the ExCB deems necessary.

Examination of documentation and assessment/testing of samples

The ExCB shall arrange for its associated ExTL to examine the documentation and the sample(s) to verify that the Ex equipment design is in conformity with the standard(s). The ExTL shall examine the sample(s) for compliance with the documentation, test the sample(s) as specified in the standard(s) and compile an ExTR

Particular attention is drawn to the documentation requirements of IEC 60079-0, regarding the provision of a manufacturer’s document(s) which provide(s) guidance on the use, installation, maintenance and overhaul of explosion protected equipment.

Endorsement of ExTR and QAR and issue of an IECEx CoC

Upon satisfactory completion of the work, the issuing ExCB shall review and endorse the ExTR and QAR summary report at the IECEx website: If the review is satisfactory and where the application includes a request for issuing of an IECEx CoC, the IECEx CoC shall be issued by the ExCB, in accordance with the relevant IECEx Operational Document. The manufacturer and the ExCB shall each retain a set of the documentation referred to in the certificate, including ExTR and manufacturer’s documentation.

ExTRs and/or QARs may be issued on their own without the issuing of an IECEx CoC.


If the manufacturer wishes to make a change to the certified Ex equipment, controlled by the ExTR, he shall apply to the ExCB which granted the IECEx CoC, describing the change and the measures adopted to ensure continuing conformity with the relevant standard(s). The ExCB shall arrange for such work as is necessary to be carried out to verify that the Ex equipment incorporating the change will still conform to the standard(s). The ExCB shall issue an addendum to the certificate authorizing the change. The ExMC shall specify the layout and content of the addendum. The ExCB shall determine the extent of the change that can be accommodated using a new Issue to the original certificate or may determine in consultation with the manufacturer that the changes require a new IECEx CoC to be issued

Ensuring conformity

The manufacturer has the responsibility to ensure that all Ex equipment to which the IECEx Mark of Conformity is affixed and all Ex equipment that is described as "IECEx certified" is in conformity with the design of the certified equipment. Failure to do so, and any other misuse of the Conformity Mark or IECEx CoC, could lead to suspension or cancellation of the IECEx CoC by the ExCB.

Certification procedure for licensed equipment

Equipment produced or sold under license by a second manufacturer (licensee) and with a new product name can be certified in the name of the licensee based on the certificate of the original manufacturer (licensor). Based on a license agreement, the licensee can apply for the certificate referring to the technical documentation and ExTR associated with the original certificate of the licensor. Where the licensee only sells the certified product, the ExCB shall assess the relevant parts of the QMS and issue a QAR. If the licensee manufactures the product, clause 9.5 IECEx 02 shall apply.

Documentation retained

In placing an application with an ExCB, the manufacturer authorizes the ExCB to keep for future reference photographs, technical documentation and, by agreement with the applicant, samples or, for large equipment, parts of such equipment. Such reference material shall be confidential.


An applicant who is not in an IECEx participating country and an applicant acting on behalf of a manufacturer in such a country shall pay a contribution to the costs of the IECEx System in the form of a surcharge, the amount to be decided by the ExMC. The surcharge is to be collected by the ExCB handling the application, and remitted to the IECEx account.

Suspension or cancellation

An IECEx CoC may be suspended or cancelled by the issuing ExCB if:

The ExCB shall give due notice to the manufacturer of such suspension or cancellation and shall state the reason(s).

Once a certificate is suspended or when it has been cancelled, the manufacturer shall not describe the Ex equipment as "IECEx certified", nor affix the IECEx Conformity Mark to the Ex equipment. Equipment already supplied prior to the suspension or cancellation of the certificate is generally not affected by this change of certificate status.

An IECEx CoC may be also cancelled by the issuing ExCB if

In that case, the ExCB shall inform immediately the Secretariat and give due notice to the manufacturer of the cancellation and shall state the reason(s). Once a certificate is cancelled, the manufacturer shall not describe the Ex equipment as "IECEx certified", nor affix the IECEx Conformity Mark to the Ex equipment. The ExCB shall confirm to the IECEx Secretariat that equipment supplied prior to the cancellation of the certificate is not affected and need not be withdrawn from the market or from the field.

Notification of cancellation

When an IECEx CoC has been cancelled the issuing ExCB shall notify the ExMC Secretary as soon as possible. Cancellation of certificates shall be communicated to other ExCBs and published.

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