Submission and consideration of complaints and appeals

CB CCVE accepts and considers the complaints on CB's actions and appeals against its decisions in the following way.

In case of any matters of argument and claims about the quality of CB CCVE activity, the interested party can apply to the Commission of Appeal of CB CCVE which consists of:

The Commission of Appeal functions periodically as needed. The complaint (appeal) shall be submitted to CB CCVE in writing and the procedure of consideration of complaints (appeals) shall be clear to the appellant.

The complaints (appeals) are addressed to the Head of CB CCVE.

Upon the receipt of the complaint or appeal it should be verified and confirmed, that it relates to CB CCVE's activities, and if it's relevant, then it shall be accepted to be considered.

The appellant shall be informed about CB's position on each complaint (appeal) within 30 days after the complaint (appeal) is submitted.

The complaint (appeal) taken for consideration by CB CCVE shall be registered in the log of claims and appeals and submitted to the head of the commission of appeals. The appellant is also informed that the complaints (appeals) is received and is taken for consideration.

The chairman of the commission appoints by CB CCVE order the composition of the commission to consider the specific complaint (appeal) (in every specific case) and the date of the meeting. This information shall be brought to the notice of the appellant.

To avoid the conflict of interests the personnel who worked with the appellant earlier cannot participate in the analysis or determination of the order of settlement of the complaint or appeal earlier than in two years after this involvement has finished.

The representative of the appellant can present at the meeting of the commission of appeal (upon request).

CB CCVE bears the responsibility for collection and verification of all the required information in order to adopt an effective decision.

The following procedures are applied by adopting the decisions:

a) The complaint (appeal)is put up for discussion, the technical activities, procedures and test results are analyzed and the reason of the complaint and opinion about it are revealed.

b) The leading specialists of CB CCVE participate in the discussion. TL's testers who performed the specific types of tests could participate in the discussion upon request, if required. The final decision on the complaint (appeal) is taken by the chairman of the commission (Head of CB CCVE).

c) If the complaint (appeal) is valid, it's required to determine during the discussion the corrective actions and the procedure to implement these actions by CB (according to STO 8.02-14) as well as the terms of fulfillment and the persons responsible for implementation and control.

d) If the complaint (appeal) was not considered to be valid, it's required to determine the way to inform the appellant about the results of discussion and the reasons of dismissal of the complaint during the discussion.

e) it is required to compile a report on consideration of the complaint (appeal), specifying its essence, process of discussion and decision on the complaint (appeal), including the justification of CB's position.

The report shall be signed by the Chairman of the commission.

CB CCVE informs the appellant about the results and completion of consideration of the complaint (appeal) and, if required, takes appropriate measures relative to further allowing of the complaint (appeal).

After the consideration of the complaint (appeal) all the relevant materials, information on the taken decisions and implemented actions are documented in the relevant file.

If the primary decision is confirmed the repeated appeal to CB CCVE is not submitted. If the interested party does not agree with the decision taken by CB CCVE commission of appeal, it can apply to superior authorities. CB CCVE shall be informed if the appeal is forwarded to the superior authorities.

In case of certification within IECEx Scheme, the appellant not satisfied with the result of consideration of the complaint (appeal) by CB CCVE shall be notified that he could forward the complaint to the Secretary of the Management Committee IECEx (ExMC) within 1 month in accordance with annex A of IECEx 01 document.